Digital Transformation: rockin’ the world of marketing


The title of my talk will be: “Digital Transformation: rockin’ the world of marketing”.

Brief topic description: “We musicians have been among the first ones to face our industry’s digitalization, and still we are alive. In this talk I will share our story from a marketing perspective and I will use inspiring questions to provoque the audience’s own critical thinking and creativity.”

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  1. I will bring my own laptop (a MacBook). I need it on the stage beside me. Then I need either an HDMI connection, or a standard VGA with a stereo minijack for the sound (I will use videos in my presentation). Please make sure your equipment is compatible with Mac. 
  2. For the guitar rig: I will bring my electric guitar and a little pedalboard. So I need to connect the OUT of my pedal board to the PA of the room (PA = the sound system, I mean, the loudspeakers). My pedalboard OUT is a “jack” connection. The technicians should have a jack-jack or jack-cannon cable for that purpose.  
  3. Everywhere I go, all technicians use a “direct box” or “D.I.” to drive my signal out of the pedalboard and into the mixing console (or the sound system, or the sound table). So please make sure your technicians have one available!!
  4. For both the laptop and the pedalboard I will need power, but I don’t know what kind of plugs are standard in Mongolia. My devices plugs are european, so I’ll probably need adaptors. 
  5. Finally, I need a headset microphone, because I’ll be walking around the stage, and when I’m playing and talking or singing, I cannot have a hand microphone. 
  6. For obvious reasons, I need to make a good soundcheck session before anybody enters the room. So I will need to work alone with the technicians in charge of the venue to make sure everything sounds OK. They need to know about this technical requirements long before I get to Ulaanbaatar, so that they can have everything under control. So please make sure they receive these requirements, OK?
  7. Definitely, I’ll be more confortable doing the soundcheck early in the morning before anything starts, or if you prefer, the evening or night before is OK for me too. 


Salva Rock (Salva López) is the “rockin’ speaker” or “the electric guitar speaker”, a reinvented professional who lives in the intersection of several worlds: the entrepreneur and business (Economist with almost 15 years of international experience), the academic (innovative and disruptive teacher of marketing, innovation and creativity at ESADE Business School and other business schools in Spain) and the musical (singer-songwriter with two published albums). He’s written two books on what business leaders can learn from musicians.

Salva Rock gives high impact talks with an edutainment style (education & entertainment), using his electric guitar to do so. He aims to deprogram and transform the audience pushing them to ask new questions and think differently. So now… ARE YOU READY TO ROCK…??


Bachelor in Economy and Business Administration (Universitat Pompeu Fabra de Barcelona), Post-graduated in Market Research (AEDEMO, Spain), Post-graduated in Marketing Management (ESADE Business School, Spain)

Currently Marketing & Creativity professor at ESADE Business School (Barcelona, Spain) and Innovation professor at INEDE Business School (Valencia, Spain).

Former Head of Marketing at Grupo Bonmacor and Vitae Natural Nutrition, and Head of Market Intelligence at Terra Networks.

He has written two books: “ROCKvolución Empresarial” and “Persiguiendo la Excelencia” (iBook) about what business leaders can learn from musicians.

He has released two albums as singer-songwriter: “10 Knots”(2013) and “Translúcid” (2017).

He had his own radio show talking about music, musicians and organisations.