Mongolian Marketing Association (MMA) is co-organizing “Asian Marketing
Conference & Asian Marketing Excellence Awards” on 22 nd of September in Ulaanbaatar,
MMA is organizing “SMART 2017” with a purpose of searching the ways for
Mongolian brands to enter in Asian and international market, and within topic of “Mongolian
brands in Asian market” there will be internationally well-known lecturer, marketing gurus
are invited to present. Furthermore, the real practices of the companies which is granted the
higher honor of “Asian Marketing Excellence Awards” will be presented as case introduction.
We assume that this event will emphasize the innovative and creative strategies in
Asian regions, which is another opportunity for businessmen and marketers to emerge with
practices, experiences, learning from real cases and understanding the mind, value and heart
of customers.
The forum will showcase the presentation with the following topics including
“Human Centered Marketing”, “Marketing 4.0”. “The Era of Digital Marketing”, “Marketing
breakthrough”, “Marketing Innovation and practices”, “Enterprise Marketing” and “Social
I encourage everyone who is succeeding on their own businesses, marketers to
participate in the conference and I assure that you will have a full potential to emerge with
innovative strategies to enter Asian market, practices and knowledge to develop your
business meanwhile networking with around 400 experts to expand the business.

Best Regards,
Altanbagana. Sh
President of Mongolian Marketing Association