About AMF



1991 – 1996 (Michio Torii – Japan)

APMF (Asia Pacific Marketing Federation) was established by the initiative of Mr. Michio Torii, the  President of Japan Marketing Association, and was declared at the JMA’s International Marketing Conference in Tokyo on November 1991.

APMF’s main goals are to promote international cooperation among Asia Pacific marketing institutions in the areas of growth and education and to exchange personnel, marketing technologies and information while fostering friendships among member organizations.

The founding members were 12 (twelve) National Marketing Association (NMA) from Asia Pacific countries:

  • AMI (Australian Marketing Institute)
  • CMA (Chinese Marketing Association -Taiwan)
  • HKIM (Hong Kong Institute of Marketing)
  • IMM (Institute of Marketing & Management – India)
  • IMA (Indonesian Marketing Association)
  • JMA (Japan Marketing Association)
  • KMA (Korea Marketing Association)
  • IMM (Institute of Marketing Malaysia)
  • MAP (Marketing Association of Pakistan)
  • MAT (Marketing Association of Thailand),
  • PMA (Philippine Marketing Association Inc.) and
  • MIS (Marketing Institute of Singapore).

(Source: Roundtable, a Journal published by APMF vol 1 No. 1 April 1992)

Subsequently, at the BOM (Board of Management Meeting) in Shanghai in 1994, IMM (Institute of Marketing & Management – South Africa) was admitted as an APMF Affiliate member.  In 1995 SLIM (Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing) and MMA (Mongolia Marketing Association) were admitted as an APMF Associate Member in Bangkok.

Annual fee was set at US$ 10.000 for the lead- country and US$ 5.000 for member countries. All events paid for by APMF.

In 1994, in cooperation with MIS, APMF started Certified Professional Marketer (CPM) in Asia Pacific, the only program in Asia that certifies professional marketers with Asian perspectives and practical experience.

In 1996, JMA President Michio Torii was designated “APMF Honorary Founding President” for his dedication to the establishment and development of APMF.

1991 – 1996 leadership

President – Michio Torii (JMA)

Vice Presidents – Greg George (AMI) & In Sang Cho (KMA)

Secretary General – Shinji Fukunaga & Mitsuzo Tamaki (JMA)

Meetings conducted


November 1991 APMF establishment declared
November 1992 The first BOM was held in Hong Kong
May 1993 The first AGM in Taipei
October 1993 The second BOM in Bangkok
May 1994 2nd AGM in Manila
October 1994 BOM in Shanghai
April 1995 The first AGM in Taipei
November 1995 BOM in Taiwan

1996 – 1998 (Jens Karnoe and Richard Akken – Australia)

APMF leadership moved to Australia with Mr Jens Karnoe was appointed as the new President after the AGM in Sydney in May 1996. He was later succeeded by Mr. Richard Allen.

1996 – 1998 leadership

President – Jens Karnoe and Richard Allen (AMI)

Vice Presidents – Hai Hyung Cho (KMA) & Kasem Mongkolkosol (MAT)

Secretary General – Dr. Ross Cameron (AMI)

Meetings conducted

May 1996 3rd AGM in Sydney
November 1996 BOM in Daxi Taiwan
May 1997 4th AGM in Hong Kong
November 1997 BOM in Bali

1998 – 2000 (Hermawan Kartajaya – Indonesia)

Asia in crisis beginning 1998 and no countries willing to take the leadership at the end of term for Australia

IMA took initiative to “rescue” the situation by taking over the leadership. Hermawan Kartajaya appointed the new APMF President at the AGM in Tokyo and inaugurated by princess of Japan on April 1998. No official transition and financial report from Australia.

The Annual fee

Considering the crisis, the annual fee was reduced at affordable level of US$ 700 equally for all members.  All events shall be managed and paid by the sponsoring NMA.

APMF Foundation

APMF Foundation was established and officially registered in Jakarta dated 10 December 1999. The establishment is based on decision at the APMF Board of Director’s Meeting in Taipeh on 29 October 1999 as the complementary support to the federation in furthering its aims of promoting the principles and best practice of marketing. Dr. Hooi Den Huan appointed as APMF Foundation Secretary General.


Hermawan was appointed as the permanent representative for the Executive Committee at the WMA Council in 1998

CIM (Canadian Institute of Marketing) was admitted as an APMF Affiliate member.

1998 – 2000 leaders

President – Hermawan Kartajaya (IMA)

Vice Presidents – Pennapha Dhanasarnsilp (MAT)  & Cheong Kun Pui (MIS)

Secretary General – Enny Harjanto & Y W Junardy (IMA)

Meetings conducted

April 1998 5th AGM in Tokyo
July 1998 BOM in Jakarta
October 1998 BOM in Colombo
May 1999 6th AGM in Manila
November 1999 BOM/DBM in Taipei
March 2000 BOM in Jakarta
June 2000 7th AGM in Bangkok

2000 – 2002 (Supat Tansathitikorn – Thailand)

The appointmenf of Supat Tansathitikorn (MAT) as the new APMF President at the AGM in Bangkok on 27 June 2000.

MAT conducted the C21 World Marketing Conference “Breakthrough Marketing Wisdom for Global Leadership”.

2000 – 2002 leadership

President – Supat Tansathitikorn (MAT)

Vice Presidents – Cheong Kun Pui (MIS) & Cyrill Chow (HKIM)

Secretary General – Danai Tangsriviriyakul (MAT)

Meetings conducted

October 2000 BOM in Singapore
March 2001 BOM in Manila
July 2001 8th AGM in Cheng Mai
October 2001 BOM in Hong Kong
January 2002 BOM in Chiang Rai
April 2002 9th AGM in Singapore

2002 – 2004 (Sherman Lam – Hong Kong)

Sherman Lam HKIM appointed as the new APMF President at the AGM meeting in Singapore in 2002. The late Cheong Kun Pui of MIS was appointed as Secretary General.

Part of the restructuring, member participation to APMF was reviewed. Inactive members (never attended a single meeting): AMI, KMA, MMA (Mongolia), IMM (India), MAP (Pakistan), MIB (Bangladesh) and IMM (South Africa). CMA (ROC) attended only one meeting in the last few years.

The Board unanimously agreed that a Constitutional Review Committee be formed and chaired by Dr. Nard Garcia (PMA).

BOM Meeting in Bali reaffirmed the ownership of the CPM programme belongs to APMF and MIS is the designated Education Headquarters. As such, a royalty fee should be paid to APMF.

AMF started a talk with ASEAN Secretariat about project collaborations.

2002 – 2004 leadership

President – Sherman Lam (HKIM)

Vice Presidents – Prof. J.J. Roces (PMA) & Prof. K.U. Kamalgoda (SLIM)

Secretary General – Cheong Kun Pui (Hong Kong Institute of Marketing)

Meeting Conducted

October 2002 BOM in Jakarta
January 2003 BOM in Bangkok
July 2003 10th AGM in Jakarta
December 2003 BOM in Bali
July 2004 11th AGM Manila

2004 – 2006 (Prof. J.J. Roces – Philippines)

Prof. J.J. Roces appointed as the new APMF President, Prof. K.K. Kamalgoda as the 1st VP and Jos Ortega as Secretary-General.

The APMF CPM Society was formalized in December 2004, with Dr. Nick Fontanilla of the Philippine Marketing Association CPM Society as the president. The national CPM societies from Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines were recognized under the APMF CPM Society.

The  APMF CPM Society established and the first conference was held in Manila, Philippines in July 2004. The APMF CPM Society co-sponsored the ASEAN Marketing Forum in Jakarta, Indonesia in November 2005.

KM Yim presented the recommended CPD model for APMF, which included 24 CPD hours per year.  It was agreed that the national marketing associations will ensure the application of the program and MIS will monitor as Educational Headquarters. HKIM served as the champion for this initiative.

Indonesia organized ASEAN Conference in November 2005.

Thailand conducted the World Marketing Conference in March 2006.

Permanent APMF Fund depository – The APMF Board approved the transfer of its finances and deposits to the APMF Foundation based in Jakarta, Indonesia. The APMF Foundation would hold these funds in trust for the APMF and would release the funds upon instructions from the APMF Board of Directors.

2004 – 2006 leaders

President – Prof. J.J. Roces (PMA)

Vice Presidents – Prof. K.U. Kamalgoda (SLIM) & B.K. Ng (MIS)

Secretary General – Jos Ortega (PMA)

President of CPM Society – Nick Fontanilla (PMA)

Meetings conducted

June 2005 BOM in Ceby City
November 2005 12th AGM/DBM in Jakarta
January 2006 BOM in Singapore
March 2006 13th AGM in Bangkok

2006 – 2008 (Prof. K.U. Kamalgoda – Sri Lanka)

Prof. K.U. Kamalgoda appointed as the new APMF President supported at the AGM in Bangkok in March 2006.

BOM in Ulaan Baator agreed the to relaunch CPM to all NMAs and allowing the students to answer the CPM exam in local language. NMA is responsible to manage the translation before submission to MIS. The BOM was conducted following the National Marketing Conference in March 2007.

Recognizing the shift of global economy to Asian and especially with the decline of US and Europe and the raising of China, APMF decided to focus on Asia. APMF saw the importance of engaging Japan, China and India to take role in APMF. Discussion was held to consider changing the name from APMF to AMF to reflect the situation.

The change was reflected in The Jakarta Declaration in special meeting in Jakarta on 6 August 2007. The declaration was signed by the Honorary Patron of AMF, Patron of AMF, President of AMF and President/Chairman of National Marketing Organizations: HKIM, IMA, IMM, MAT, MIS, PMA and SLIM, the Jakarta Declaration resolved and agreed:

  • To change of name of the association from Asia Pacific Marketing Federation (APMF) to Asia Marketing Federation (AMF) and Asia Pacific Marketing Federation Foundation (APMFF) to Asia Marketing Federation Foundation (AMFF)
  • To adopt the new charter of the AMF and AMFF
  • To appoint Prof. Philips Kotler d the proposed Charter of AMF
  • To adopt the new logo of AMF
  • To appoint Professor Philips Kotler as Honorary Patron and Mr. Hermawan Kartajaya Patron of AMF

2006 – 2008 leadership

President – K. U. Kamalgoda (Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing)

Vice President – BK Ng (Marketing Institute of Singapore) & Y W Junardy (Indonesia Marketing Association)

Secretary General – Sarath Fernando (Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing)

Meetings conducted

June 2006 BOM in Colombo
March 2007 BOM in Ulaan Baator
July 2007 14th AGM in Jakarta
November 2007 BOMs in Hong Kong
March 2008 BOM Singapore
June 2008 15th AGM in Manila

2008 – 2010 (Y.W.Junardy – Indonesia)

Y.W. Junardy appointed as the new President at the AGM meeting during the International Marketing Conference conducted by PMA in Manila.

Dato’ Sharifah Mohammad Ismail and K M Yim appointed as the new Vice President; Hendra Warsita as the Secretary General of AMF and Prof.Dr. Andrianto Widjaja as the AMF President of CPM Alumni.

Meeting also confirmed the effective date of the change of the name from APMF, APMF Foundation and CPM(AP) to AMF, AMF Foundation and CPM (Asia) respectively is the date of Jakarta Declaration on 6 August 2007.

All past Presidents of the APMF who became Governors of the AMF Foundation should become Patrons of the new AMF Foundation. They are:  Hermawan Kartajaya, Supat Tansathitikorn, Sherman Lam, Prof. JJ Roces and Prof. K. Kamalgoda.

Meeting also approved its Goal for 2008-2010:

Further raise AMF’s profile in Asia and in the world stage by

  1. Strengthening further the institution
  2. Revitalizing AMF Foundation; and
  3. Participating in the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) Initiatives

AMF joined UN Global Compact by signing pledge of support letter to UN Secretary General H.E. Mr. Ban Ki-Moon. IMA, PMA and HKIM also individually joined UNGC.

Conducted the first Asia Marketing Conference in format of “Bali Tri-Conference”, a Joint program between Global Compact Asia Network Conference, Pan-Pacific Conference XXVII and The First Asia Marketing Conference with the theme of “MANAGING AND COMPETING IN THE NEW WORLD ECONOMIC ORDER” in Grand Hyatt Nusa Dua, Bali May 30 – June 2, 2010.

2008 – 2010 leadership

President – Y W Junardy (Indonesia Marketing Association)

Vice Presidents – Dato’ Sharifah Mohammad Ismail (Institute of Marketing Malaysia) & K M Yim (Hong Kong Institute of Marketing)

Secretary General – Hendra Warsita (Indonesia Marketing Association)

President of CPM Alumni – Prof.Dr. Andrianto Widjaja

Meetings conducted

December 2008 BOM in Jakarta
May 2009 BOM in Kuala Lumpur
November 2009 16th AGM in Ho Chi Minh City
March 2010 BOM in Bangkok
May 2010 17th AGM in Bali

2010 – 2012 (Takuya Goto – Japan)

Upon completion of IMA’s term, Takuya Goto appointed as the new President at the AMF Annual General Meeting on 2nd June 2010 subsequently after the Asia Pacific Tri-Conference in Bali. Ishibashi appointed as Secretary General.

Mr. Takuya Goto presented a plaque that certifies AMF Honorary Fellow to Prof. Philip Kotler at the AGM meeting in Bali on 28 May 2011.

MASOK (Korea) joined and approved as new member of AMF.

Mr. Hermawan Kartajaya, WMA President, expected stronger future of AMF with the acceptance of MASOK and CCPIT (China) as a prospect and would work as a leverage to reactivate WMA.

The opening of the Museum of Marketing 3.0 in Ubud, Bali was celebrated with the presences of Ubud Royal Family, AMF Honorary Fellow Philip Kotler, and AMF representatives.

On March 2012, AMF Honorary Fellowship was endowed to Prof. Uditha Liyanage.

Dennis Dunlap, the CEO of AMA, attended the Seoul BOM and exchanged the memo of understanding with AMF President Takuya Goto.

Representing American Marketing Association, Ms. Marisa McCarren attended the Sri Lanka BOM and AMF-AMA Strategic Alliance was announced.

2010 – 2012 leadership

President – Takuya Goto (JMA)

Vice Presidents – K M Yim (HKIM) & BK Ng (MIS)

Secretary General – Masaaki Ishibashi (JMA)

Meetings conducted

November 2010 BOM in Tokyo
May 2011 18th AGM in Bali
November 2011 BOM in Seoul
March 2012 BOM in Colombo

2012 – 2014 (Takuya Goto – Japan)

Takuya Goto reappointed as the President at the AGM meeting in Tokyo on 13 July 2012.  Rohan Somawansa and Gwen Albarracin appointed as VP.

AMF organized the 2nd AMF Asia Marketing Conference on July 2012 in Tokyo.  At the end of the conference, AMF Honorary Fellow status was endowed to Mr. Prijono Sugiarto, Mr. Yoshiharu Fukuhara, Mr. Hermawan Kartajaya, Dr. Lackana Leeayouthayotin, and Mr. Somboon Prasitjutrakul.

MSB (Bangladesh) joined and accepted as a member at the AGM in Tokyo on July 2012.

CCPIT (PRC) joined and accepted as a new member at  AGM in Bangkok in May 2013

To formalize the membership of NMA with AMF, MOU between NMAs and AMF was also developed. AMF Membership Certificates were presented to all the representatives of NMAs at the Beijing BOM in 2013.

Strategic Alliance with AMA was announce

AMF renewed its official website page and started Facebook site.

2012 – 2014 leadership

President – Takuya Goto (JMA)

Vice Presidents – Gwenn Albarracin (PMA) & Rohan Somawansa (SLIM)

Secretary General – Masaaki Ishibashi (JMA)

Meetings conducted

March 2012 BOM in Colombo
July 2012 19th AGM in Tokyo
December 2012 BOM in Jakarta
May 2013 20th AGM in Bangkok
November 2013 BOM in Beijing
July 2014 21st AGM in Manila

2014 – 2016 (Takuya Goto – Japan)

Takuya Goto reappointed as AMF President at the AGM meeting in Manila on 16 July 2014. Gwen Albarracin as 1st VP and Rohan Somawansa as 2nd VP.

AMF and PMA jointly hosted AMF Asia Marketing Conference / PMA Asian Marketing Congress on July 2014.

TIMS (Taiwan) and MAC (Cambodia) joined and accepted as new member at Manila AGM.

30-31 May 2015 – FUTINA Asian Marketing Conference and AMF BOM meeting in Foshan, China.

The AMF Asia Marketing Excellence Award initiated by Gwenn Albarracin as Chairman and Co-Chaired by Rohan Somawansa started committee work on 2014.  The Judging of candidates to the 1st Award took place in Foshan on May 2015.  The first winners will be announced and awarded on the second half of 2015.

The World Marketing Community site is open for the networking of marketing professionals in the region.

The relaunch of Marketing Museum in Ubud Bali in June 2015.

October, 2015 BOM in Jakarta was the launch of the first AMF Asia Marketing Excellence Award. Winners were: Asia Marketing Company of the Year: Universal Robina Corporation – Philippines  and Asia Marketing 3.0 Awardee: Telcom Indonesia.

 Status of membership

As of May 2015, AMF has 13 Members:


In process: Vietnam, Mongolia and Myanmar.

AMF Fund

Currently all NMA annual fee is deposited at account of AMF Foundation in BCA Bank in Jakarta. The balance as of 30 April 2015 is in amount of US$ 68,006.

2014 – 2016 leadership

President – Takuya Goto (JMA)

Vice Presidents – Gwenn Albarracin (PMA) & Rohan Somawansa (SLIM)

Secretary General – Masaaki Ishibashi (Japan Marketing Association)

Meetings conducted

December 2014 BOM in Jakarta
May 2015 22nd AGM in Foshan, China
October 2015 BOM in Jakarta
March 2016 BOM Phnom Penh

2016 –  (Gwenn Abarracin – Philippines)

Ms. Gwenn Albarracin  and Mr. Rohan Somawansa were advanced to the new positions of AMF President and 1st Vice President respectively. Boojong Kim was elected as 2nd Vice-President at the AGM meeting in Seoul, Korea on 22nd September, 2016. Past President Takuya Goto was appointed as the Honorary Fellow and former Secretary General Masaaki Ishibashi as the Advisor of AMF.

MASOK hosted the AMF AGM in Sept 22, 2016 and the  AMF Asia Marketing Excellence Award during their Asia Marketing Conference in Sept. 23, 2016.

During the AMF Board Meeting, Mr. Takuya Goto presented the AMF Membership Certification and the Letter of Endorsement to Mongolia Marketing Association (MMA).

During the AMF AGM, it was resolved that the AMF Permanent Secretariat be located at Japan Marketing Association in Tokyo as repository for historical data, BOM and AGM minutes and President’s reports. The administrative and operational secretariat will be at the NMA of the encumbent AMF President.

The AMF CASE BOOK “Marketing for Competitiveness” by Honorary Patron Philip Kotler, AMF Patron Hermawan Kartajaya and Professor Hooi Den Huan was launched and distributed to the NMAs. Professor Den announced that a portion of the books profit will go to the AMF.

The 2016 and 2nd AMF Asia Marketing Excellence Award winners were recognized during the AMF Asia Marketing Conference on 23rd September, 2016 at the KCCI Grand Hall.  The winners were Century Pacific Food, Inc.  from the Philippines,  for the Asia Marketing Company of the Year and Aarong Bangladesh – Bengali from Bangladesh for the Asia Marketing 3.0 Award. It was also the first time that National  Winners for the two award categories were  recognized from each of the NMA countries who participated.

Status of membership

As of December 2016, AMF has 16 Members:


Vietnam and Myanmar were granted their membership in 2015 while Mongolia was given in 2016.                        

2016 to Present leadership

President – Gwenn Albarracin (PMA)

Vice Presidents –Rohan Somawansa (SLIM) 1st VP and Boojong Kim 2nd VP (MASOK)

Secretary Generals – Pinky Yee and Yayu Javier (PMA)

Meetings conducted

September 22, 2016 AGM in Seoul, Korea

Next meeting schedule

March 2017 BOM in Bangladesh
September 2017 AGM in Mongolia